R&D is a corner stone of our strategy.

Link Natural Products prides itself on its modern Research and Development facility which has successfully developed many innovative products. R&D team is engaged in researching the treasures of the ancient Ayurveda and other traditional systems of medicines, using state-of-the-art scientific technologies, enabling new frontiers to be developed. Our innovations are results of a combination of traditional Ayurvedic wisdom, modern technology, innovative ideas and R & D capabilities.

Guidance from a panel of experience Ayurvedic practitioners and internationally recognized scientific and pharmaceutical consultants strengthen our R&D capabilities.

We take multi-disciplinary approach for R&D. Its personnel, being experts in several
disciplines such as organic and natural product chemistry, pharmacy and productformulation, process technology, chemical, microbiological and instrumental analysis,chemical engineering, Ayurveda and modern medicine, ensure the mastery of all facets of product development.

R&D plays a vital role in developing sustainable strategies for the business, including backward and forward integration. We believe that no amount of technological finesse can compensate for the lack of quality & authenticity of starting materials. At Link Natural, qualified agronomists and post harvest technologists team up with the R&D to ensure the sustainable supply of quality and authentic raw materials.

Exchange of knowledge is inculcated in the culture of Link Natural Products. R&D team works very closely with universities and other institutions in a mutually beneficial manner. These collaborations range from medicinal plant propagation, agronomic protocol development, pre
clinical and toxicological studies, clinical trials etc. These collaborations enable the sharing of
knowledge and experiences between academia and the industry for a better out comes.