The company Link Natural Products established in 1982, is driven by a challenging and inspiring corporate philosophy, namely that of providing an innovative range of herbal products for its consumers. These include, safe and effective health care products, Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals as well as  personal care and wellness products. Current product range consist of over 200 products All these products are developed by effectively blending the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda with modern science and leading edge technology, measure well up to the highest international standards .  Our products are meant to bring enhanced quality of life, good health and longevity to our consumers, both local and international.

Link Natural Products prides itself on its modern research and development facility. It enables and facilitates the maintenance of its high standards and total quality management across all its operations. The modern production facility of Link Natural Products is situated in the serene lush environs of Dompe. There, our many successful household brands including the super brand Link Samahan are produced. All our products are processed in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP and GMP certification.

Over the years the company has progressed to be the leading most reliable herbal healthcare company in the country and deserves the respect and admiration of consumers and all other stakeholders.

The passion for excellence which runs in the veins of every employee of Link Natural products has resulted in the company being recognized by prestigious awards. Over the years the company has progressed to be the leading most reliable herbal healthcare company in the country and deserves the respect and admiration of our consumers and all stakeholders.

Our Vision:

“To be a world class manufacturer and a supplier of highest quality Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals, Herbal health care products, Herbal cosmetics, Essential oils and Oleoresins .”

Our Mission:

“To provide safe and effective Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals, Herbal heath care products, and Herbal cosmetics, that are of highest quality and integrity through the incorporation of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern technology and scientific management systems for the improvement of health and longevity of people .”

Our policy on quality :

“To design, develop, produce and deliver safe and, efficacious and consistent quality herbal health care products based on ancient Ayurvedic wisdom using environmentally preferred process technologies and competent personnel towards continual commitment to total consumer satisfaction ”

Our Values :

These are the guiding principles for all conduct as well as the relationships with all stakeholders.

  • Innovation and Excellence
  • Team Work & Commitment
  • Quality
  •  Accountability
  • Integrity and Honesty

“Our people are our driving force for excellence”

Our staff is the key to our success. We nurture them, investing in their development to ensure that we grow stronger. Our goal is to create a great place to work, where employees are engaged and inspired by a clear shared purpose and a compelling strategy. Link Natural is an equal opportunity employer. We provide a range of facilities and opportunities to create a happy and contented environment in the work place. Resting and recreational areas, medical care unit, libraries and in house restaurant have been established to provide high quality service to our employees, helping them to be healthy, efficient and productive. We value the work of our employees and reward them for their contributions towards the growth of the company

Production Facility

The factory is comprised of production units that accommodate multiple processes from storage of starting material up to storage of finished goods, through unit operations such as extractions, blending and packaging. All vital stages of the manufacturing process are carried out in hygienic enclosures, using modern machinery and equipment, supported by standardized operating and quality assurance procedures. Thus the resulting products are consistently in compliance with expected highest quality standards.

The factory complex is in compliance to ISO 9001 Quality Management System, together with HACCP and GMP certifications to ensure the safety and hygienic condition of its produce. The facility is also in compliance to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, which ensures an effective waste management programme,  identification and mitigation of environmental impacts.

The factory is designed to ensure that all starting material are stored in controlled conditions, the herbal material are purified prior to use for production and no contaminations occur during the flow of material through processes to produce the final products. Identification and traceability is maintained throughout the manufacturing processes, together with monitoring and measuring mechanisms that helps to continually improve the product and process technologies.